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...and the classroom

Clarity Summit

St. Louis, MO
January 8-10, 2010


What will it take for you to get clear about:

What to change to hit your potential in 2010? How to relate better? What to stop doing? What to start doing? What you WANT? WHAT'S GETTING IN THE WAY?

If you could change just ONE THING about YOU that would make a huge difference in your world, what would that be? By the way, I don't have that answer...YOU have that answer.

Join us Friday January 8th in beautiful Webster Groves, Missouri for the 2010 Clarity Summit. The Clarity Summit is your vehicle for getting to know you better and deciding to polish up what works for you and throwing away what doesn't.

The Clarity Summit is limited to 20 attendees. It will evolve in a casual atmosphere with all meals included except Saturday evening's dinner. We will pick a place to go for that. There will also be some free time Saturday with several choices some of which might involve an admission fee.

You are responsible for your transportation and lodging.

The Clarity Summit will not be a fit for everybody. I am certain that for those who attend, you will walk away with changed perceptions of your world and your place in it. It will take courage. But reaching the Summit always does.

Clarity Summit will be an exceptional weekend for individuals who lead, follow, produce, sell, sweep, invent, parent, coach, rule, contemplate, write, cure, care, teach, speak, etc.


To get outside your normal environment and learn new tools for identifying the traits and patterns that hold us back.

1. Identifying the source of struggle.
2. Assessing its level of validity.
3. Deciding to change it.
4. Developing accountability to reach the Summit

The group will participate in lectures, interactive exercises, and mini-group break-out discussions that will help each individual lead, self-manage, interact, and relate at a higher level. This process will provide materials and action items that will continue after we's a journey, not a destination.

Fees: Materials, meals (excluding Saturday's dinner)...No Fee*

Please email me at for registration materials.

*PASS THE HAT! At the conclusion of the Summit, Sunday morning, I will pass the helmet and invite you to make a contribution commensurate with the value you believe you received throughout the process. We believe that it's not about what we transmit over the weekend, but what you receive and can put to use. Only you can determine that value.